Blaise Miller and Jeremy Kruse

7660 Beverly Blvd, #167

Los Angeles, CA 90036


A scripted podcast

Written, directed and produced by Jeremy Kruse & Blaise Miller

Composed & Sound Designed by Eric Friend

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Two high school friends reconnect in Los Angeles and explore the idea of suffering for one’s art.



Lick Bowl follows two middle aged men through some of life's peaks and valleys. Gil, an aspiring screenwriter, has temporarily moved in with his high school friend, Brian, an actor fighting to recapture fame and recognition. These two unlikely heroes provide a strange juxtaposition of the rising and falling that often happens in Los Angeles. Will they succeed because they suffer? Or will they suffer because they succeed?



Lick Bowl is a 4 part audio miniseries; it is a look at everyday life with a slightly satirical bent. Each episode uses subtle sound effects, music and dialogue to tell the story. The Odd Couple meets Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Chapter 1

Gil and Brian reconnect after 20 years and explore the idea of suffering for the sake of art.

Runtime: 24:31


Chapter 2

Brian gets an opportunity to forward his career. Gil makes strides in breaking into the business.

Runtime: 21:20


Chapter 3

Gil has to make a hard career decision. Brian’s parenting skills are put to the test.  

Runtime: 30:04


Chapter 4

Gil gears up for a big meeting. Brian fights to hang on to his life in Los Angeles.

Runtime: 24:25


Jeremy Kruse

Jeremy is an actor, writer, filmmaker and producer. He has been involved in numerous plays, sketch comedy shows, films, commercials and televisions spots in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. His book, The Young Actor’s Handbook (Applause Theatre and Cinema Books) was published in 2017. His documentary film, Lee Strasberg’s Method, was an official selection at the SOHO International Film Festival NYC. Anti-narrative Number 4, his short film, won the "Director's Choice" award at the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films. His play, Lockers, is published by Dramatic Publishing and has been produced in the United States and abroad. Jeremy taught Method Acting, Acting for TV and Film, Improvisation, Acting for Independent Films, Creating Your Own Work, Sketch Comedy Writing and Sketch Comedy Performance at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Kruse graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where he majored in drama. He also studied at The Second City in Chicago.


Blaise Miller

Blaise received a B.A in Theater at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia and continued his training in Chicago at Second City and IO. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles where he has carved a niche for himself playing likeable everyman types in commercials, TV and independent films such as THE SCENESTERS, IT’S A DISASTER and FOLK HERO AND FUNNY GUY. His most recent TV credits include a recurring role on MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D, HBO’s HERE AND NOW and ABC’s THE CONNERS. Lastly, HOMESTATE, a feature film Blaise wrote and produced, was just released and is streaming on Amazon.


Gil/Patty/Marvin...Jeremy Kruse 

Brian/Muskrat/Charlie...Blaise Miller 

Carrie/Sally Chicken...Robin Hines

Roger...Kevin Jackson

Eddie...Brian Head 

Frank/Pappa Pus...Jerry Trainor  

Heather/Mamma Pus...Becca Greene  

Bruce...Travis Nicholson  

Megan/Barb Jenkins/Barista...Thea Lux  

Spencer/Mr. Elephant...Jeff Grace  

MC/Mr. Drubbs/

Dr. Fredricks...Todd Berger

Oliver Walker/Jehovah Giraffe/

Clayton...Mike O’ Gorman  


Jim Jenkins...Mark Meir  

Grandpa Harris/Bus Driver/

Major...Chad Briggs 

Annette/Claudia...Robin Hardy  

Julian/Rory...Marcus Jones  

Grandma Harris...Sherree Strong  



Composer/Sound Designer...Eric Friend

Sound Mixer...Alex Altman

                     ...Will Schulz

Sound Assistant...Alex Sharp

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names in this audio series  are fictitious. And any similarity to name, character or history of actual persons or events is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


This audio series is protected under laws of The United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and prosecution.


©MMXVIII Lick Bowl is the author of this content for the purpose of copyright and other laws.